Saint Benedict

During the first centuries, men and women chose to leave everything behind to radically live the Gospel. Soon after, monastic communities were founded in the East and West. The Abbey of Saint Lioba belongs to the order of Saint Benedict.

Saint Benoît Lioba SimianeAround year 500 Benedict, a young Roman student, left his studies and family fortune to retreat into solitude "to find God" and "please God alone." The difficult initiation into a life of solitude opened Benedict up to a true understanding of himself and the grace of God widened his heart to encompass an ardent love for the Lord and for all mankind. Soon his disciples came to live under his guidance.

Benedict, the beloved, the blessed, died around 560. He left his community with a "short rule" to help the brothers to search for God, to live for Him. It is to prefer nothing whatsoever to the love of Christ.

It is the gospel of life to learn to live with inner freedom, it is the gospel of a "good Father" to take into account the needs of everyone and to reject fear and invite each person to humble love.

Benedict constantly leads us towards a unique light: "Christ" he tells us "prefer nothing whatsoever to His love."